London, United Kingdom - Over the past few years, social networks and blogs have become the 4th most popular online activity, ahead of personal email (Nielsen Online). A young start-up leveraging their technological capabilities and the social networking trend, Justmeans is pleased to announce the launch on August 31st, 2009, of its newly improved social media platform, along with the new Good Work FrameworkSM. The platform will offer new capabilities for companies seeking to attract and ignite advocates for better business.

The new Good Work FrameworkSM, built with over 12,000 programming and design hours by the Justmeans technical team, features the unique capability for companies to host interactive campaigns upon multiple URLs at once (Justmeans, Facebook, and the company website). Justmeans has created the ability for a single engagement to run on multiple host sites simultaneously (including contests, quizzes, and crowd-sourcing campaigns, to name a few), while updating individual comments and uploads from users on all sites at once.

In addition to this innovation, the new platform also includes an enhanced search function and more customisable newsfeeds for users. Clients will also have the ability to post their media to multiple social networking sites at once, along with tracking the results of their online communications using the robust analytics on Justmeans.

The Justmeans Good Work FrameworkSM will help clients take their stakeholder engagement to the next level.

Martin Smith, Founder and CEO of Justmeans, said that ´We have improved our capabilities for companies in order to add the maximum value for them to do business - better.‘

Be sure to check out the new Justmeans, launching August 31st, 2009, at Find out more about 'How Justmeans Works‘ here -


About Justmeans
Justmeans attracts and ignites advocates for better business. The Justmeans Good Work FrameworkSM allows companies to post their media to multiple social networks simultaneously, crowd-source feedback on their good work, run multi-channel campaigns and contests to further involve stakeholders, and then track the results of all of their online communications from one place. With 100,000 users and millions of page views per year, along with straightforward online tools, companies are able to leverage the Justmeans community and technology in order to participate in wide-reaching, innovative stakeholder engagement. For more information please visit, or contact Deb Berman or Martin Smith at the offices below.

Deb Berman, New York, New York, [email protected], 917.326.8944
Martin Smith, London, United Kingdom, [email protected], +44(0)2032382121