Appin an Information Security and Ethical Hacking Company and Securitybyte, a global Information Security Conference Company. The competition will be conducted in 3 phases. The 1st two rounds will be online and the 3rd and final round will take place at OWASP‘s security conference APPSEC at Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon to be held from 17th till 20th November, 2009.
Round 1 Knowledge Check
All the participants will be answering a quiz and based on the score top 10% will be shortlisted to 2nd round. The questions will be related to Information Security and Ethical Hacking and registrations will end by November 5, 2009
Round 2 Skill Check
This stage will require an attacker to get to the final FLAG file which he/she would need to register for the event. There will be two main approaches to the attack:
Web application attack
The web application will have file disclosure vulnerability and hacker will need to access that path to access the file.
Network based buffer overflow attack.
The BO will be a version of BO that hacker will have to customize and gain access to the system.
Information in Hand
•The attacker will know the different anti-virus software packages the BO should work against.
•The attackers will know the path of the file they have to access
Round 3 Final Round
This stage will require the attackers to exploit a pre-announced SSID which has WPA (or WPA2). Once the attackers logs onto the network, then they would need to perform both network and web attacks,
The Contest Process:
1. Register at
2. Registration details along with login details for the quiz are mailed to the participant.
3. Open and login with the given username and password
4. Enter profile information for the record
5. Accept user policy & accept when prompted
6. User will be directed to a page that says “Hackunt Preliminary Quiz".
7. Click on this and start the 10 min quiz.
8. Results of the Quiz are declared on November 7, 2009 and successful participants are informed by mail about the venue and other details.
1. First Prize Ethical Hacking contract assignment worth Rs1 Lakh + Gold Medal + Certificate + signing Advance.
2. Second Prize Silver medal + Certificate.
3. Third Prize Bronze Medal + Certificate.
4. All participants clearing the first round - Participation Certificate + Discount vouchers for ethical hacking course applicable countrywide.


Contest is open to one and all

Rules and Regulations
1.Right to Admission in the competition reserved with the organizers
2.Multiple registrations through single email ID not allowed


1.Registrations are already open
2.Preliminary Selection Quiz begins from October 20, 2009
3.Results of the Preliminary Quiz are declared on November 7, 2009
4.Finals at OWASP Appsec Asia 2009 to be held in Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon from November 17, 2009 till November 20, 2009