APW President Systems (President), the pioneer in enclosure systems (which play a vital role in data centers in the telecom, IT/ITES and electronics infrastructure segments), has entered into a partnership with the US-based Vette Corp (Vette), a leading global provider of thermal management solutions. The partnership is intended to distribute a range of advanced thermal management solutions from Vette to meet thegrowing demands of data center facilities in India.

According to Peter Wong, Executive Manager, APAC, Datacom Facilities Division, Vette Corp, "We are delighted to be associated with a leader and pioneer in the data center infrastructure domain. With Vette‘s comprehensive range of advanced thermal management solutions backed by President‘s professional teams of technical and sales personnel spread over a country-wide network, we are confident that we will be able to deliver to data center managers and consultants in India the necessary level of business critical support and service."

Vette's family of data center liquid cooling products and services help mitigate problems associated with high inlet air temperatures that can cause equipment downtime or premature failure. Vette's high density cooling solutions help clients deal with cooling infrastructure that is stretched beyond its limits and allows operators to fully populate individual racks with positive results and dramatic cost savings.

"Vette's technology and solutions will be a valuable additional resource for offering our customers in India the world‘s best proven solutions in thermal management, which has become a critical factor in managing data center energy efficiency," said S. Venkatraman, Vice President Enclosure Solutions and Technical Services, APW President.

"We are pleased to offer the recognized world-class Vette advantage to our data center customers in our growing portfolio of thermal management solutions. Vette's customers benefit from the ability to save 50% or more in floor space and at least 35% in Total Cost of Ownership compared to legacy solutions," said Manish Bhatnagar, Vice President - Cooling Solutions Division, at APW President..

About Vette Corp

Founded in 2004, Vette Corp is a global thermal management solutions provider specializing in solving thermal challenges for leading OEMs, operators and owners of computer, communications and industrial electronic equipment. Vette Corp has worked with IBM to license the chilled water Rear Door Heat Exchanger technology. This technology has been patented by IBM in their model, the ´Cool Blueâ„¢ Rear Door Heat Exchanger.‘ However, this can fit a variety of leading third party equipment enclosures.

Operating from locations throughout the world, Vette is able to offer complete technical and logistics support. Vette is uniquely positioned to offer a complete array of end-to-end thermal management solutions from an integrated global perspective.

For additional information about Vette Corp, please visit www.vettecorp.comapwpresident.com

About President

APW President Systems Ltd (popularly known as President) is a leader in the enclosure systems segment, with over 500 customers in India and abroad. Over the last 28 years, the company has established a reputation for high quality and reliability of products and services that address the infrastructure requirements of IT / ITES, Telecom and General Electronics customers.

President pioneered India‘s modular enclosure industry, introducing the world standard 19-inch enclosure technology. Our Engineering Resources Center (ERC) provides design and engineering facilities supported by Pro-E, and other design tools, for designing its products.

With a total of 1,65,500 sq ft of fully-equipped modern manufacturing space in India, the company has the capacity to manufacture up to 60,000 enclosures, 70,000 card frames and 30,000 instrument cases each year.

For more information about the company, please visit www.apwpresident.com

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