Toro Steam Cleaning is a family operated steam cleaning business with services available for residential and/or commercial properties. One of Toro’s specialties is professionally cleaning area rugs.

Area rugs are typically made from wool, silk, or synthetic fibers. These three types of materials cannot be cleaned in the same way. For instance, wool and silk rugs are much more delicate than synthetic rugs. Toro understands this and will professionally clean area rugs with methods that take the material of delicate area rugs into consideration.

This rug cleaning company suggests vacuuming rugs weekly to maintain a good surface cleaning. Vacuuming rugs will clean the surface of the rug, but vacuums cannot reach into the deep crevices of rug fibers. Overtime, dust, dirt, pollutants, pet hair, and dander can get trapped in area rugs.

When Toro cleans an area rug, they remove the rug from the home or business in order to properly dust the rug in their rug studio. A good “rug dusting” removes particles that accumulate in rugs overtime. Rug dusting can be messy, which is why this company removes the rug from the home or commercial space. Removing the dust and debris that gets trapped in a rug prior to washing ensures that the rug will return to the owner sanitary.

Toro uses the most state of the art equipment when cleaning area rugs. Their 12 step cleaning process combined with their flash drying process allows for faster cleaning times and quicker turn around. Toro also says that their “cleaning solutions are safe for pets and all members of the family, ensuring that no harm comes to your valuable rugs or your loved ones.”

Toro provides complimentary consultations and their quotes are 100% complete. There are no hidden fees or upsells when dealing with this company. Toro states they can clean area rugs of any type or size and quotes are based on the rug itself.

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Toro Steam Cleaning cleans area rugs for residential and commercial properties in San Diego County

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