As one of the field’s foremost experts on the subject of private equity, Arturo Alvarez Demalde has found that his advice is sought with tremendous frequency from those entirely new to venture capitalism as well as those who have been previously involved in countless investment endeavors. It is for this reason that Alvarez-Demalde is announcing the publication of a recent interview in which he offers his insight and expertise on the subject of private equity and venture capitalism to Rookstool Interviews, with the full transcript currently available at

While the focus of the interview remained largely on private equity and venture capitalism, the transcript also includes a line of questioning regarding Alvarez-Demalde’s educational background as well as the formative experiences that led him to pursue a career in private equity. Alvarez-Demalde, now a managing partner with AD4, notes in the interview that his beliefs regarding the critical role of economic empowerment began with the economics courses he took long before he ever enrolled in Harvard Business School or the University of Buenos Aires.

“If there is one thing my peers in private equity take away from this interview, it is that private equity and venture capitalism often provide an opportunity where one would not otherwise exist,” said Alvarez-Demalde, further underscoring the depth of his belief in the critical role played by economic empowerment. “Any endeavor should obviously demonstrate strong revenue potential, but there is often a social component deserving of consideration as well.”

About Arturo Alvarez-Demalde

Arturo Alvarez-Demalde is a managing partner with AD4, where the Harvard Business School graduate assists in identifying the potential for strong revenue in mid-stage private companies through the firm’s innovative business model. An international business expert who is proficient in four languages, Alvarez-Demalde is also a member of the advisory committee of the David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies and serves on the board of ARIS (Asociación Civil de Apoyo a la Rehabilitación e Integración Social), a not-for-profit organization.