Every estate agent has faced the problem of a property that just won‘t sell auctionmove.co.uk is now offering a free service to solve this long-standing issue.

New online property auction website, auctionmove.co.uk, is offering estate agents the chance to promote their properties, including difficult to sell locations to a new audience, free of charge.

auctionmove.co.uk will provide estate agents with the opportunity to add an auction arm to their existing business, without impacting on commission.

Estate agents will also be able to have a branded presence on auctionmove.co.uk, generating valuable exposure for both the brand and for properties that are proving difficult to sell through the traditional estate agent route.

In the same way that a traditional auction works, auctionmove.co.uk will invite motivated purchasers to bid on a carefully chosen selection of residential and commercial properties, as well as land and development opportunities.

Buyers can bid anywhere, at anytime and at the end of the auction, if the reserve price is met, the highest bid wins the property.

auctionmove.co.uk‘s experienced staff will always be on hand to help with any enquiries relating to the properties or the auctions.

Promising a competitive bidding process and sales that will be completed within 28 days, auctionmove.co.uk is a useful tool for buying and selling property online, whilst also being extremely helpful for estate agents.

Every property on auctionmove.co.uk is also advertised on rightmove.co.uk, the UK‘s largest property website, which provides a steady throughput of traffic to the website.

Lisa Obertelli, Sales Director of auctionmove.co.uk, said: “We hope that by providing this service, estate agents will feel they can place their properties on our website. It allows an additional form of advertising for estate agents who are looking for new promotional avenues in a difficult market, with our property finder.

“We offer an auction service for estate agents, as well as offing any estate agent from anywhere in England the opportunity to advertise and promote through our website.

“We envisage this becoming an extremely useful tool for estate agents that will aid many stifled sales in the estate agency industry.”

For more information visit www.auctionmove.co.uk