USA - In order to amplify the sound quality of audio systems, AVC has launched vibration control panels for home and commercial use. These are said to be of high quality and do the job well of protecting the equipment from any vibrations. There are many other benefits of using these tools and hence, there are many music lovers who prefer to have these for a better listening experience.

For all those who wish to have platforms, stands, etc, which match with their décor, they can contact the team at the details mentioned below. Be it the color, material or size, everything can be made as per the individual requirements. This audiophile equipment is made from isolation blocks of the right thickness and design to provide longevity and more protection.

The website says, “Mike Kelly is an extremely knowledgeable person when it comes to raw materials. He has a lot of experience in furniture making and hence, has come up with the some of the best vibration isolation systems . Be it the turntable vibration isolation or the audiophile equipment stands, there are several options to choose from. The audio racks and stands are yet another product type quite popular with customers.”

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The website claims that Mike Kelly, who is the owner of AVC, uses natural materials in all the products. Interested people can peruse the gallery and get an idea of how these panels can fit their requirements. The Company undertakes customized orders as well. The reviews and feedback have been fairly positive with regards to the products and services.

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