An ingenious aunt who became frustrated with the lack of neck protection of traditional bibs has invented new baby bibs for the bottle. Jennifer Edison, founder and owner of Wee Baby Incorporated and a proud auntie of 4, perfected the design of the new bottle bibs that can protect the necks of babies from milk spillage.

Edison, who believes that “clean babies r happier babies”, experienced the troubles of keeping milk from dripping to the neck of her nieces. Through careful observation, Edison began to think of a new bib design that will prevent milk from spilling from the bottle to the neck of babies.

According to Jennifer Edison, she noticed that her niece seems to be spilling almost half the content of the milk bottle which makes it difficult to keep the baby‘s neck dry and clean. Keeping to her belief that “clean babies r happier babies”, she created the Scrunch Bottle Bib. “These new and innovative baby bibs will revolutionize the way babies drink bottles,” said Ms. Edison.

She added that the Scrunch Bottle baby bibs will make life easier for moms, dads, aunties, and babysitters. The Scrunch Bottle Bib is also a good gift item for new moms and their little babies. The new bib invention could “make moms happier and it can also keep the necks of babies drier, cleaner, and free from rashes”, Edison further asserted.

The Scrunch Bottle baby bibs are recommended for infants 0 and above. The bib is made from 100 percent cotton and machine washable so that mothers can reuse it giving more value for their money. The bib can fit all bottle sizes so there is no worry about buying the wrong size. According to Edison, the Scrunch Bottle Bib is also “reversible so that mothers can double use it at a time.” Using the new bib invention of Jenifer Edison is also easy. The bib can be attached easily to the top rim of any feeding bottle. Mothers can then pull back the soft absorbent cotton fabric away from the baby‘s face. The cotton fabric will catch spilling milk thus keeping the neck dry. “This is the best way to realize my belief that clean babies r happier babies,” Edison beamed.

The Scrunch Bottle baby bibs have received glowing reviews and positive feedback from mothers and pediatricians. Dr. William C. Heath, a pediatrics specialist, highly recommends the Scrunch Bottle Bib. According to Dr. Heath, he always sees infants developing neck rashes because of spilled milk. Dr. Heath added that he recommends Scrunch Bottle Bib because “it eliminates rashes and keeps babies clean.” Another pediatrician from the Sinai-Grace Hospital, Dr. Ana-Mare Ice, said that the Scrunch Bottle Bib really keeps milk away from the baby‘s neck. Because of this, Dr. Ice concluded that “I highly recommend it.”

Hollywood star Matthew McConnaughey and his family even sent a thank you postcard for Jennifer Edison. The good actor complimented Ms. Edison for her “neat idea” and that his family will definitely try the new baby bib. The Scrunch Bottle Bib is the realization of the belief of Ms. Edison that “clean babies r happier babies.”

A good product always comes with good recommendations and Scrunch Bottle Bib is no exception. However, no pediatrician will be more convincing than you own baby who can tell better than anyone what the best baby bibs: are. Try Scruch Bottle Bib and see if your babies r: happier with it!

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