Auto marketing profits is now offering car dealers a free website evaluation report and consultation to help with automotive dealership marketing tasks. You can now get a thorough analysis of your dealership website without any obligations from your part.

With the economic state that we are in it is time for car dealers to re-evaluate their marketing efforts and see if they are still effective. The free analysis provided by Auto Marketing Profits will give you a personalized report that will help grade you on the features of your website and will touch on the following:

Site Overview you will be reviewed based on how unique the content of your pages are, if your site has easy navigation for users, if your services are listed in an appealing way, how your photos are relevant and your call to action analysis.

On Site Optimization Review this review will be based on the meta tags you use for each page, the structure of your internal links, the structure of your URL and your keyword themed content.

Search Engine Ranking Overview this will touch on your ranking on search engines and Auto Marketing Profits will compare your results to the ranking of your top three competitors.

Link Analysis Overview this part will review how many quality inbound links that you have on your website and this will also be compared to your top three competitors.

After the thorough review, you will be given comments and recommendations that can help improve your website. The analysis and report card will then be sent to you via your email. Within two days you can have car dealership marketing that tells you whether you need to do more improvements or not.

Auto Marketing Profits is a top marketing and search engine optimization company in North America that develops successful online automotive dealership marketing strategies. It is a company committed to providing efficient tools, marketing systems and services that car dealers would need to take their business to the next level.

Auto Marketing Profits is led by Chief Executive Officer Sean Patrick who has over nine years of marketing experience and has been looked upon as an expert when it comes to increasing profit through website promotion, search engine promotion, email marketing, automated solutions, and offline marketing.

Assisting him is Chief Operating Officer Tyler Landon who has a very impressive background in creating, developing, planning, managing, coding, marketing and optimizing websites which gives him the talent to oversee online and offline marketing campaigns and also web development projects.

To receive your free website analysis and consultation, all you have to do is to go to their website, and fill out the form that they have there for car dealers who are interested.

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