Automated hematology analyzers are indispensable in clinical laboratory analysis.

They are used to determine the non-cellular elements and the type, presence and number of cellular elements collected in blood and body fluids.

Automated Hematology Analyzers for Accuracy in Blood Count Measurement

For obtaining complete blood count and differential leukocyte count, the hematology automation process should be accurate. If the results are to be accurate, the hematology analyzers you use should be functioning well. Manual calculations might result in errors. But with automated hematology analyzers, you can deliver accurate measuring values for the procedures.

Accuracy was usually questioned while using conventional analyzers. The advent of automated hematology analyzers has put an end to these questions. Innovative inventions integrated into these systems provide more reliable indications. Information available in a single analysis considerably reduces manual intervention and consequent errors. Multiple technologies are integrated in a single device and today, they are available with multi-tasking facility, advanced data management, color screens with color printouts, improved detection capabilities, automated sample handling and other exceptional features for obtaining accurate results.

Save Money Using Refurbished Models

Hospitals, clinics and healthcare centers might find purchasing bulk number of hematology analyzers rather expensive. As a solution for this, nowadays, used and refurbished models are available. Refurbished models are affordable, and at the same time have all the standard features found in brand new products. In fact, reconditioned products are well-repaired, tested, reassembled and packed. They guarantee all the specifications as that of a new product.

Find a reliable dealer in the field to buy the right product for your research needs. Abbott Diagnostics and Beckman/Coulter are among the popular manufacturers in the industry supplying quality automated hematology analyzers for the labs.