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, a leader in desktop and enterprise automation software, asked leading IT professionals around the world the question, “What would you do with 30 minutes extra?” The question led a survey conducted to learn where automation software can help today‘s IT professionals and how to address the concerns of companies that are hesitant to implement an automation program. With responses ranging from insightful to amusing, the campaign proved successful in shedding light on where automation stands in today‘s business environment.
Of the nearly 160 IT professionals asked “What would you do with 30 minutes extra?” 75 percent said they would focus on completing tasks that were shelved due to lack of time. When survey participants were asked what they would do with this extra time, they consistently chose work related tasks over social and recreational tasks. Close to 70 percent of respondents currently spend from 30 minutes to more than an hour each day doing tasks that could be automated.
When asked what tasks they would automate that are currently not available to do so, respondents answered in a variety of ways ranging from the humorous “make my wife happy,” and “hang up the laundry,” to the ambitious “world domination.” The most popular answer, however, was “IT automation,” with 16 percent of respondents indicating that as the highest priority, with “web automation” and “automated testing” following with roughly 10 percent of respondents each.
“It is invaluable to know that IT professionals are just as interested in the ease with which anyone can use our product as they are in its implementation costs,” said Mihir Shukla, CEO, Automation Anywhere. “The survey results demonstrate that automation software can lead to dramatic increases in productivity across all industries. If every employee at a 100-person company automated an hour of work every day, that would free up approximately 25,000 hours for additional productive tasks across the business.”
Many of the survey respondents do not currently utilize task automation applications. When asked what prevents them from incorporating automation solutions to daily tasks, 50 percent of respondents responded “a lack of time.” This was followed closely by the lack of budget dedicated to implementing an automation program with 33 percent of responses. Automation Anywhere executives have long known that the high cost of other automation software packages have created a barrier to entry for many potential business process automation customers, but the knowledge that many feel automation processes take too much time to set up will prove extremely valuable in customer communications moving forward.
“Implementation time has been a concern and led to the development of services like our ´Getting Started‘ package to alleviate that, but we see now that it is considered the major issue for a number of customers,” said Shukla. “Our customers want to know that our product is plug-and-play, and that it requires no special training or programming skills.”
The “What would you do with 30 minutes extra?” survey was conducted from Aug. 4, 2009 to Aug. 10, 2009 through Automation Anywhere‘s database of IT professionals and visitor‘s to Automation Anywhere‘s website from around the world. 158 IT professionals, from entry level to senior executives, participated in the survey. For detailed survey results, please contact Damion Martin at [email protected].

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