Cholesterol is a fat, formed by the liver and is vital for common body performance. Cholesterol exists in the external layer of each cell in our body and has lots of functions. It is a waxy steroid and is elated in the blood plasma of all animals. It is the major sterol synthesized by animals - little amounts are too synthesized in vegetation and fungus.

Although high total and LDL cholesterol levels, with low HDL cholesterol, be able to enhance heart disease threat. Proper care needs to be taken to deal with high and low cholesterol value in human being. They are along with some extra risk factors includes cigarette smoking, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and physical stillness. If any one of these is present in count to high blood cholesterol, the threat of heart disease is constant superior.

All these can be controlled by changes in lifestyle like:
· Objective diet for cholesterol
· Normal exercise plan
· Quitting a tobacco routine
· Losing weight can be able to reduce blood cholesterol levels, help control diabetes and lower high blood pressure.

An accurate HDL/LDL balance can be achieved through the mode of food like:
· Eat more natural food because this ropes the body's functions in an improved way.
· Include more whole wheat, green vegetables, leafy vegetables and soluble fibers like oats, fruits, barley, beans, peas, legumes etc.

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