Halesfield 8, Telford November 17, 2009 Parents seeking insight and solutions in dealing with common and not so common issues with raising children and running a family can find this guidance at BabiesBase.com, a recently launched site dedicated to baby articles and more.

From fertility articles to homework advice, the site provides a large base of articles accessible at no cost to the parents. Unlike forums or many other parent-related sites, the content here comes from reliable sources, including experts on parenting. Topics on getting pregnant, getting through pregnancy, planning for a new baby, taking vacations with kids, and living with toddlers provide answers to the types of questions parents ponder frequently.

While the site focuses mainly on parenting, experts have contributed other articles as well. Baby boomers, for example, can learn read topics of interest to them, including recognizing their role in society and learning more about the musicians of their generation.

Interesting facts and a frequently updated blog complement the other information included on the site. For example, babies do not cry tears until they are between the ages of 3 weeks and 5 months. Factoids like this one were included to offer knowledge to parents and to provide ice breakers when trying to befriend other parents.

The site includes a search feature to make locating useful baby articles more convenient for parents. Additionally, parents browsing for information can click on labeled tabs at the top of the page based on their stage of parenthood, including raising toddlers or trying to become pregnant.

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About BabiesBase.com

BabiesBase.com is a recently launched web site dedicated to giving parents the information they need. All of the content is available free of charge and can be accessed twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to meet the challenging budget and schedule faced by most parents. Content for the site comes from parenting experts and other reliable sources.

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