Bankers Real Estate Services, an Atlanta based Reputation Management agency and Leads agency, recently celebrated the 9th anniversary of its arrival in the industry. An expert at helping real estate professionals present their best face to customers, they are especially proud of their work with regards to Reputation Management and Lead Generation for the Real Estate profession.

Having to deal with bad press and embarrassing social media posts can be an unbearable experience. Bankers Real Estate Services however, can ease those concerns and take the heat off those who live in the real estate reputation spotlight. it is important to manage every aspect of their interaction with social media, as it is to ensure that every statement made is correct.

“The internet has made online reputation management for real estate professionals a necessity. A late-night Tweet or social media post that you regret can go viral and damage your name,” states Larry Charles, President of Larry Charles & Associates, parent company, referring to the ever-growing necessity for rigorous managing of your social media accounts. To control these situations, the company offers bad press suppression on search engines via Artificial Intelligence (AI), ensuring that the positive press outranks the negative press on Google whenever a public statement is released over major press channels. Thanks to this strategy, Bankers Real Estate Services is able to improve your reputation and worries.

Maintaining a good image is more important for a real estate professional than it is for people in almost any other line of work, given that their job opportunities depend on their online and public reputation to a great extent. Bankers Real Estate Services understands how crucial this is, and strives to ensure the safety of their client’s career at every step.

One such testimonial from a satisfied customer says, “We have used Bankers Real Estate Services as our real estate firm’s advocate for a couple of years now, and they always take the time to discuss their Reputation Management services with us, and make recommendations.

Those interested in contracting any of the agency’s services may contact Larry Charles, President of Bankers Real Estate Services at [email protected]. Clients may also reach out to the agency through their website