Amherst NH - Battery maintenance and care are highly crucial for ensuring optimum performance. The first step in battery maintenance and care is testing the batteries. This phase will analyze the battery and its performance on various parameters. Battery testing has always been one of the most time consuming part of battery maintenance. Acquiring an accurate reading while testing batteries has always been a significant challenge to overcome. Battery testing is not a problem anymore. One of the most efficient battery testers available helps professionals to identify all types of issues in less than a minute. While there are so many battery testers available on the market, it is not by accident that NASA chose the SOCTESTERâ„¢. The SOCTESTERâ„¢ is one of the most accurate battery load testers available in the market and its efficiency and effectiveness has been proven in the NASA Glen Research Center.
Needing accurate testing equipment to properly evaluate mission critical battery backup systems is more than a necessity for NASA. This puts them under the severe pressure of having the entire backup system in top performing condition. To ensure a high level of reliability, the UPS systems have to be tested and maintained on a daily basis. Unlike other companies and organizations, NASA has hundreds of recombinant batteries that are in the range of 6 and 12 volts. No other system proved to be effective in testing their battery condition and performance. They needed a more accurate and reliable system and the SOCTESTERâ„¢ met their specifications and requirements.
The backup systems were connected to computer racks, routers, computer hubs, mission critical rigs and security systems; thus leaving no room for error. Using the SOCTESTERâ„¢, NASA was able to solve their battery testing issues. It helped them to easily check the status of their battery‘s health in the most efficient and effective way possible. After completing reviews and research of all the available battery testing solutions, the NASA team pinned down the SOC140 to be the best solution for their battery testing needs. The SOC140 not only solved their battery testing problems easily, it also ensures that their UPS backup systems will function properly in the future. The NASA team writing on SOC140 states: “We the management as well as the skilled tradesmen feel this equipment is very effective in isolating trouble spots in our battery strings. We have 20 to 30 large UPS‘s and a myriad of smaller back-up systems requiring maintenance and we‘re confident the SOC 140 will do the job. This research facility is an excellent proving ground for your equipment."
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