Beall and Thies, LLC offers elite legal services for various genres including divorce litigation, family law, criminal defense law, D.W.I. defense, auto accident claims, personal injury law, and D.U.I. defense law. We are professionals that spend enough time assessing and restoring peace to the lives of many Louisiana citizens. We completed university with honorary awards and academic excellence in the genres we practice; therefore, professionalism is not a challenge. Why are clients comfortable in doing business with us?

Whatever the problems individuals face, we are proficient with all the certifications and an impressive business portfolio presenting some of the cases we have handled. We are proud of the projects we have undertaken thus far, and a well-planned future to improve the services that we offer. We love to help customers and provide exceptional services, regardless of the expectations. Within reach, the experts networking at this well-established law firm exploit the relevant tools and resources to research all cases. As such, we give customers the assurance of achieving credible results.

It is not problematic to discuss your issues with us, irrespective of the stage of the complications. Beall and Thies, LLC is reputable and trustworthy, servicing the Baton Rouge, Louisiana community for several years. Unlike other law firms that demand expensive fees for the services provided individually, we quote customers a single charge to complete the litigation. We are the specialists that present agreeable solutions and exhaust all proper methods to get justified results for legal problems. We listen, discuss and recommend, depending on what is applicable constitutionally. As committed, certified experts who dedicate time and expertise to counsel clients well. Since we are familiar with the laws of Louisiana, evaluating a person‘s legal matters to extend reasonable resolves is not difficult. Finding us is no problem, given the prominent stance we have achieved, as a registered law firm, recognized by the pertinent authorities. As a law-abiding business operating in the industry; we promise to service customers equally, and suggest lucrative options that are suitable.

We represent everyone in the best possible way, arming ourselves with all the facts archived from what clients tell us during a consultation session. Moreover, we display mannerism in the courtroom, making us favored by juries and judges. The chance of us gaining victory for clients is high, not because of the credible reputation alone, but because of expertise in contesting the cases exceptionally. This is amid the reasons why Beall and Thies, LLC is the preferred choice.

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