UK bed specialist MattressNextDay has just announced it will now stock Beautyrest Black mattresses as part of the company’s new range. The experts hope the move will help customers who struggle to get a decent night’s sleep using their current solution. Compared to some other leading mattresses on the market today, the Beautyrest Black designs available online and in-store are second to none. Hundreds of UK residents have already begun to benefit from the improved sleeping aid, and insiders expect that sales will skyrocket during the holiday season.

MattressNextDay has a mission to be the most affordable, and the lowest priced online bed and mattress retailer on the market today. The recent addition to their range is a fantastic move in the right direction, and the company has already secured sales from returning buyers and new customers alike. With an emphasis on satisfaction and quality, this brand is going from strength to strength in 2017, and the trend looks set to continue as they progress into the new year.

There are currently three different versions of the Beautyrest Black mattress available online and at the company’s two showrooms. They include:

- Simmons Beautyrest Black 1800 Lexington Mattress: £399.95
- Simmons Beautyrest Black 2200 Rhode Island Mattress: £499.95
- Simmons Beautyrest Black 2600 Providence Mattress: £599.95

Customers benefit from next day delivery on each of those products, or they can select a delivery date based on their availability. Each of the designs comes with a luxury pocket springs system, genuine memory foam, and a knitted cover. The company also provides buyers with a five-year guarantee on their purchase. That helps to highlight how confident these experts feel about the quality and durability of those items.

The specialists at understand that some consumers need assistance when it comes to making substantial purchases. So, the brand offers a 0% interest-free credit arrangement on mattresses and beds. That enables buyers to spread the cost of their investment over twelve months without paying over the odds. Many customers use that service rather than their credit cards which tend to accumulate lots of interest during the same period.

For more information about the new range of Beautyrest Black mattresses available from MattressNextDay, just visit the website or drop into a local showroom. Customers will find those shops in Canterbury and Herne Bay, and there is always a friendly member of staff around to answer questions or offer advice. Regardless of the issue, the team will work hard to find the best bed and mattress products for all their customers.

Martin Seeley
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