Brighton, UK ( 12PressRelease ) November 12, 2009 Beemovedremovals ( are not strange to the relocation service world. They are pioneers in offering both home and business relocation services. “We have seen thousands of people in need of the best relocation services. People out there used to relocate because of many reasons which are good or bad. Either way, relocation is a common part of life that cannot be avoided in this modern planet” says Yossarian Smythe of Beemovedremovals. They said it right, relocation is an indispensable part of everyone‘s life and there are many relocation service providers out there who take advantage of this demand. Some of the service providers demand huge cash for providing the service and some others just swindle the people‘s money and provide very poor quality relocation services. Thankfully there are at least a few professionals like Beemovedremovals to do the job right.

Speaking about the special offer provided at Beemovedremovals (, Yossarian Smythe said, “People around the planet are really having a hard time now because of the Global recession. People are looking for savings in anything and everything. The relocation services are no exemption. In fact people are in desperate need of the relocation services now because of the job cuts and the need to shift to new places to find a job. These people will be in need of temporary storage of there belongings till they settle down again. We understand that the financial condition of our clients won‘t be good at this time and that is the reason why we offer extra discounts for the storage needs contracted for more than 6 months.”

Speaking on the move, Yossarian Smythe said, “Though we have announced this offer, there will be no degradation in the quality of our service. The 24 hour package monitoring system and temperature control will still be provided for the storage solutions. We hope that there are many people out there who can get greatly benefited with this discount. ”

About Beemovedremovals

Beemoved Removals is a local removal firm catering for the south of England. They have been offering the state of the art storage solutions for the people on the move. For more information, visit

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