As businesses expand, network management becomes increasingly vital to the overall production and health of the IT department. Infrastructure develops at a rapid pace and with that comes a need for advanced security and consistent maintenance. This article is designed to outline the main benefits of IT network monitoring and provide advice on how to implement it into the workplace.

What Is IT Network Monitoring?
Network monitoring is a service provided by an IT provider whereby specialized software and applications are installed within the IT infrastructure to detect a failing or slow network. It is a way for companies to prevent system downtime and crashes and instead address the potential areas of concern before they cause damage. This not only contributes to reducing downtime but it also ensures that the networks full speed is maintained. When network monitoring is in effect, there is a variety of hardware and/or software and configurations that are used within the system to identify possible areas of concern. Notifications are sent to authorized personnel and the IT service provider so that it can be dealt with promptly.

Performance Optimization And Availability
As a long-standing service provider, Tecsenza who offers IT Companies in Birmingham and IT support in Nottingham understand how important it is for businesses to achieve consistent network optimization and availability. Maintaining network availability becomes increasingly difficult with multiple data centers and demanding operations at play. The route from one section of the IT infrastructure to another part is measured to establish the availability. Of course, on top of ensuring the networks continuous optimization and availability, there are specific requirements and regulations in regards to SLAs (service level agreements) to factor in. These requirements are managed by the provider and by using our services of IT support in Derby or our IT support in Nottingham, we keep up with regulations so that you don’t have to. The performance of the internet is also monitored in real time to help avoid disruptions within the network.

Cost Effective
The bigger the network and the more devices that are connected to it the higher need there is for advanced security, on-demand support, and network monitoring. Expanding an IT department within the company is only sufficient to a certain point and by using a provider more money is saved. The network monitoring services that we offer along with our IT support in Derby and our IT support in Nottingham keeps track of all devices and equipment that is used on the network. This not only highlights areas of concern but it also helps management decide what needs upgrading and when.

Detection Of Security Threats
When it comes to IT fit for business needs, there is no single security solution that covers everything. Instead, the security is formed by layers that are determined depending on the company’s operation and setup. Network monitoring can contribute to securing critical data by implementing level one of security. Most threats are picked up with graphs of performance. Here you will get an outline of the general or typical performance of the network to compare against future or current performance. This results in being able to quickly identify unusual activity such as large traffic spikes and unrecognized device connections. The network performance can be examined at any time making it much easier to find the source of the threat and stop it before it starts disrupting or damaging the network.

When implementing network monitoring into a company choosing the right provider is vital. For large and fast-paced businesses a reputable provider with a strong track record of success will go a long way in ensuring the needs of the company are met. Not only that but having access to ongoing and high-level support from extensively trained professionals will help not just the operation of the network but also the employees should they need advice or assistance. Whether you are seeking Managed IT services Birmingham or IT support in Nottingham, Tecsenza has the experience and knowledge to assist you with your business IT needs.