Managed IT services can save businesses both time and money. It’s a common assumption that this service is only practical for large companies but smaller businesses are able to benefit from it just as much. Throughout this article, you can read the top 10 benefits of using managed IT services and how efficiency is increased with managed network services.

Controlled IT Costs
Purchasing specialized IT software and hardware for a business can be extremely costly, and that is before the costs of IT staff and call out fees arise. When opting for managed IT services the software and managed network services are bundled together and charged for a flat monthly fee. This way companies receive predictable fees and no unexpected or hidden costs.

One of the reasons businesses of all sizes likes to use managed IT services is because it offers a large amount of flexibility. Additional services can be added at a later date as well as the incorporation of advanced software. Smaller businesses can choose a range of services that best suits their needs and have the option of incorporating more once the business has grown. Larger companies are able to adapt their services to better suit current projects and goals. To do this in-house with a trained IT department will cost a lot more money and take up a lot more time.

Access To The Latest IT Knowledge
The staff within a Managed IT services Birmingham provider are highly trained professionals that receive continued training on the latest software and regulations. Should any IT issue arise, a knowledgeable managed service provider is available to answer questions and offer advice as and when it is needed.

Remote Management
Using managed IT services enables a business’s network to be managed remotely without staff needing to do anything. For smaller businesses, without an IT department, this element can be a blessing. They can get all the necessary services without having to fund an IT department that they can’t really afford. Managed network services will enable the remote managing of WAN (wide area network) or LAN (local area network) and will permit smooth communication.

Proactive Security
Security threats are increasing for businesses especially for smaller businesses that may not have such advanced security software in place. A foundational service offered by providers is that of security. Many companies look for security services from managed IT service providers as the exceedingly complex issue requires careful monitoring. An attack on business and the retrieval of data can be extremely damaging but by having a service provider the risks are significantly lowered, and any breaches are tackled head-on.

Staff Productivity
With the continuous software updates and data management that businesses require, IT staff often have little time for anything else. Companies of all sizes have found that by using managed IT services, the staff has much more time to concentrate on important issues within the business. Studies have shown that productivity within the workplace is significantly higher when managed IT services are used.

Powerful Partnerships With Leading Tech Companies
Reputable managed IT service providers have strong connections with the worlds leading tech companies such as Cisco, Dell, Microsoft, and many others. This enables providers to obtain more specific information directly from the software or hardware producing company. Helping businesses to gain particular insight into any areas of concern they have. It also means that IT providers are in the loop when new technologies are released and are updated on the current tech market.

Data Management
As businesses grow so do the data demands. Storage quickly becomes an issue and easily accessing information turns into a nightmare. Certain services that providers can offer help to manage a business’s data needs securely storing it and making it easily accessible for all employees in the company.

Ongoing Support
When using managed network services the performance of the network is much more efficient. The remote monitoring enables the IT provider to detect any issues that may lead to bigger problems and fix them as soon as possible. Although a majority of the work is completed remotely, onsite assistance is also something that providers can offer. This type of proactive assistance will reduce lagging and significantly decrease the chance of downtime.

The beauty of managed IT services is that they can work for small, medium, and large businesses. For those who are unsure about the type of software that the company can benefit from, a provider will be able to make things a lot clearer. They can evaluate the business and advise on a set of services and solutions that can benefit the business. All sized businesses are able to have customized service plans that will help them become as efficient as possible and promote business growth.
There are many ways in which IT Services Birmingham and managed network services can benefit a business. The list above is just some of the most popular reasons that businesses choose managed IT services, but there are of course many more.