Leafedin.org was established over two years ago, a cutting-edge piece of technology born from passion, sacrifice, marijuana activism, and a true belief in Leafedin’s potential to bring positivity and value to the marijuana community as a whole by giving all cannabis participants access to a free networking solution.

Marijuana users had been sought after by the police and DEA for many years and it had been a risky business to entertain yourself with this harmless plant in the past. Fortunately, nowadays, the society has come to realize that this herb and its leaves are not a danger but rather a cure for many individuals suffering from a variety of health-related issues. In the past, marijuana users would be scolded by the society, chased down by the government and be the subjects of all-out war against them. Well, today, many developed countries have realized that instead of imposing draconian laws, it is smarter to benefit from the plant.

If you are a cannabis consumer who is looking for the finest recreation weed in your area, then Leafedin is the best place that will precisely tell you where to buy it. All you have to do is get on its official webpage and type in your zip code. Immediately you will be given a list of places where you can find cannabis near you. And website’s offers do not stop here; marijuana employer can find local labor in real-time. Another great feature is that a cannabis worker, such as trimmer, general contractor or a CO2 extractor, can find employment here as well. All this will be found in a most effective, safe, technologically savvy way using their free anonymous map based on marijuana app. The Leafedin App achieves this with a dynamic networking solution that shows users profile on a real-time map, giving users idea of what is available in their local area. Afterwards, users can massage each other’s based on their need after reviewing the profile.

This app is absolutely free to sign up and requires no personal details, it is primarily focused on being discrete and anonymous. This is one of the best ways to find weed dealer near you in a private manner and without any scams. The app is very easy to use, your location will be designated as a yellow pin and you will see four key user groups: vendors, consumers, employers and workers.

About Leafedin.org

Leafedin.org is a networking solution that will hook you up with needed people for services and products related with marijuana. This app will provide you with a map where you will find people who are either selling weed near you or employers that need work force in this niche. The map itself has the ability to search by location, keywords, go to list view, and filter by distance, reviews, amount of reviews, and group type.

Company: Leafedin
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://leafedin.org