Houston, USA April 2010 - Nowadays, web hosting plays a major role in internet. It allows

people to host their information or website in the web servers so that it can be accessed anywhere. Websites may have contents with different formats like text, graphic, audio and video. If we want to host video files, a web server that is capable of hosting video files and converting it into streaming video is needed. This can be achieved by FFmpeg hosting which converts video files into flash files that can be streamed further for sharing. Mr.Joey smith offers this facility who runs BounceWeb, one of the best web firms.

The web servers which provide FFmpeg hosting should be optimized for best video streaming and video conversion . Videos are converted using compatible softwares like PHPMotion, x10media, Clip Share, Attachmax , Rayzz, AlstraSoft VideoShare, Vshare, OsTube and Dolphin 6 Handshakes. Servers with high speed, server space and band width will surely provide the best performance and make us feel the best experience. It allows us the video files to be uploaded, converted and streamed from the web server. Video formats like MOV, AVI, MPEG, WMV, and the audio formats MP3 and WMA are supported by this hosting. It also supports all the scripts.

Creating our own website for personal use or for business purposes is becoming popular recently. People having different talents like singing, dancing, drama and instrumental music will have a wish to show their talents to real world .Internet is helping them a lot. If they create their own websites, they can upload the videos .They may not be knowing how to create the websites. The FFmpeg hosting blog helps them a lot by providing all the information needed to create an own website .Templates and scripts are also available with step by step instructions to create a website. BounceWeb is a linux shared web hosting provider who provides web hosting with unlimited bandwidth .They are offering the cheapest hosting plans also.

BounceWeb is adapting a new technology called Green Web hosting to get electricity for their datacenters .It can be described as a process of alternative traditional means of hosting. It is currently taking the initiative to minimize the impact that the datacenter emissions have on the environment. The normal hosting operation will be done using non-renewable energy sources. But green web hosting is a process of getting the electricity from renewable energy source providers, thereby doing good for the society which includes reduction of global warming caused by the emission of carbon.

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