Best managed security service providers in the UK 2018
Nowadays Managed security crime is the fastest growing area of organized criminality worldwide. Unsurprising then, that according to a 2017-2018 Managed security crime Report created by Network Security Ventures, within 2021, managed security attacks will cost $6 trillion every year in the global market that actually reflects the fast-changing pace of the threat environment, which is constantly evolving as new defenses are developed.

Network Security is a top priority for any business – from puny to gargantuan – with many scrambling to get defensive measures in place. Here, we take a look at the top UK managed security service providers in 2018 providing Network Security Managed IT services Birmingham to enterprises and governments across the globe.

Network Security Services Providers are fundamental to organizations. The boundless and progressive limits of the managed security industry imply that there are likewise boundless progressive threats that we require assurance against. No business is exempted from security concerns. Malware and infections are wilder than any other time in recent memory through information robbery and getting unapproved get to, destabilizing your IT Security Services Provider’s status.

There are laws set up to help ensure against these perils, yet while the law can imperceptibly help facilitate our managed security vulnerabilities, it can’t give satisfactory assurance to dangers. To adequately insure your IT Security Services Provider’s scores of private profiles and information, the savvies alternative is to delegate to a believed IT Security Services Provider that spends significant time in managed security.

London is one of the world’s greatest urban communities and is in this way a hotbed for Network Security and adventures. There are along these lines numerous choices for UK based Network Security bolster. At Network London, we give a confided in administration, building you the fundamental managed security barriers to shield you from any approaching perils. We realize that the accomplishment of your business lays in the benefits, as well as in an integral defensive resource for watch your information.

UK Network Security Services know about various managed security – assault situations and would thus be able to offer assurance on a more thorough scale. Nonetheless, while a Network Security IT Security Services Provider like UK Network Security Services will give you the far-reaching support and devoted consideration you require all day, every day, it is likewise savvy to seek after pro-insurance to reinforce your security. The following are a portion of the basic Network Security specializations, and the best UK managed security – particular organizations that take into account these requirements:

Antivirus/Malware Protection (Hacking)
Assuria– This IT Security Services Provide has a diverse range of services to protect against managed security -attacks and poor security controls. They offer protective monitoring, web application server security, network traffic monitoring, and a Cloud Security Suite.

Becrypt – Specializes in endpoint encryption for Windows and Android operating systems, and iOS mobile device management.

Intruder – This IT Security Services Provider protects against hackers by offering support to spot weaknesses in Internet-facing systems, and providing ongoing assessments.

Sophos – Has 30-years-experience in antivirus protection, working with encryption, secure wifi, email gateways, device security, and the cloud.

Device Authority – This IT Security Services Provider focuses on authentication and encryption across the Identity and Access Management of the Internet of Things, providing security options across a number of platforms, also providing end-to-end security for IoT devices.

Protectimus – Offers both service and hardware for two-factor authentication.

Swivel Secure – This IT Security Services Provider offers two-factor authentication across a diversity of platforms and devices, using their in-house developed authentication platform.

Managed security -analytics/Risk Intelligence
Acuity Risk Management – This IT Security Services Provider relies on their STREAM software which assesses governance, risk, and compliance.

BAE – This IT Security Services Provider in the area of defense and Network Security, working with their clients to prevent and prepare for managed security -attacks.

Citicus – This IT Security Services Provider offers clients access to their risk and compliance management software, Citrus One.

Silobreaker – Simplifies the complex arena of analytics, by offering managed and on-premise services for IT departments.

Data Loss Prevention
Clearswift – This IT Security Services Provider specializes in the prevention of data and information leaks, using their in-house developed tools which support secure storage procedures and data transfers.

SentryBay – Has a diverse portfolio to support data loss prevention. They use their Data Protection Suite, anti-keylogging, mobile security, and Armored Browser.

Mobile Security
Wandera – This IT Security Services Provider relies on its Secure Mobile Gateway to provide strong mobile security for their clients, using both cloud and application-based security processes.

Network Security
BT – This IT Security Services Provider offers network-based managed security IT Services Birmingham with specialized services in asset oversight; continuity planning to prevent DDOS attacks; fraud defense and authentication-based identity theft; penetration testing; and threat identification and neutralization.

PWC – Uses preventative and proactive approaches to protect critical networks from attack. They offer managed security threat detection/response, and Network Security and IT risk identification.