Firenze,Italia,29/08/2009 - The acclaimed, hot jeans designer in Europe, Christiano Argentini and Sieron C. displays his latest collection of club and street-wear jeans online. The Two designers jeans are not only the most sought after jeans in Europe but have made a niche in international market too. Trewano launches this exclusive collection of Trewano jeans on demand from lovers of designer jeans in Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin, Rome and other parts of the world.

Jeans are very popular casual wearing around the world. Since its inception in 1850, there are many styles, designs and colors of jeans but nothing could snatch its rough-tough status from it. It was first made to withstand wears & tears of some laborious tasks that its wearer had to carry out. It still withstands this rigorous nature and even put the same tag on its wearer the rough tough guy. Designer jeans, because of its unique styles and low-price are also equally popular to branded jeans.

Trewano, the Italian jeans designer, answers all the fashion statements of zippy, zingy and zesty youth with ultimate, individualistic and exotic collection of designer Denim jeans. The designer is known for putting exceptional style and attraction in his jeans. “I just feel that they are specifically made for me” says Brian “I feel great in Trewano‘s denim” he adds. “These jeans perfectly reflect my passion for life” says Carl another Trewano fan.

The collection on display include “Die is certain Life is Not”, “Tribal Devil”, “Sexy Rose”, “Casanova”, “Vulcano”, “The Worker” and other club and street wear jeans. The designer wears are available for men and women from 15 to 40 years of age.

Since 1999, Trewano is a reputed brand in designer jeans in Europe and most bought brand among teens and young in Germany, Holland, France, Russia, Spain and Italy. The popularity of Trewano designer jeans can be judged by the fact that the new designs are awaited every week and picked within a few days of their launch. No stock lasts longer than a few weeks on-line. “This also prompts us bring up more and more new designs every week” says The Manager of Trewano Chris Leon.

Trewano jeans are cut from the best denim available in Europe and sewed with a thread powerful and elastic enough to withstand any stretch or skew in the shape. Every stitch counts. The jeans are made to fit from a tribal rebellion to a more formal leader in the herd.

Trewano jeans, for both men and women, can be bought only in esclusive designer stores .if you want to see the collection visit the website . Designers at Trewano strive to invent a new model in every of their creations, thus every peace of clothes has its unique identity and elegance to match its wearer‘s fantasy.

Trewano jeans can be hand picked from their show-rooms around the world, as also listed on their website.

ABOUT Trewano - Founded by enthusiasts Boys Life Underground VIP Club and most of Europe Famous Trewano is defined as King of Jeans . A brand of fashion trends, the appearance of uniqueness and individuality is, was designed for the success of the Designer Christino Argentini and Sieron C., and As Trend Label for the club & Street wear Trewano has established and applied to their passion. Their exceptional collections feature a wide selection of new and pure & custom Club & Underground look. You find Our Collection worldwide in over 500 shops and boutiques in Paris, Hong Kong, Moscow, Berlin, Rome etc.

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