The best of YouTube videos may be accessed directly from YouTube, but if you are looking for family safe videos, you may look for an online site that offers one. After all, you are searching for a site that will offer truly “family safe” videos meaning, you want a site that is accessible to all family members. Start typing the words "fun videos" on search engine sites, and you will come across a site that offers you a list of options. Once you reach the site, here are other things to do in order to look for the best YouTube videos.

Determine your basis for looking for the best of YouTube videos. There are different qualifications when you are looking for the best videos. First, you may want fun videos that will suit the viewing needs of the entire family. Next, you may want to look into the most viewed videos for the week. Additionally, you may consider the star rating that the videos will get. In this case, it will be best to start browsing through the most viewed videos for the week. From there, you will get the idea on why they are tagged as the best among a list of YouTube videos.

If you are going to open the most viewed videos of the week, you may start from the one that has higher views. See for yourself if it qualifies in the list of the best of YouTube videos. After that, you may try the other means to look for fun videos. You may either browse by category or simply look at the recent additions to the list of the online site. When browsing by category, you will immediately see those that are given ratings using one to five stars. Those with five stars may qualify as the best YouTube videos you are looking for.

As for the most viewed videos of the week, you will find videos such as "MythBusters Diet Coke Mentos". This is found under the cool technology category for fun videos. You may also look into the "Biggest Waterslide in the World." Find out whether this indeed is the biggest in the world. Of course, you also have other video options such as "8 Bit Trip Lego Lovers Dream Animation", "Will it Blend Silly Putty" and "Kseniya Simonova Requiem of Sand." Decide which one of the week's most viewed videos belongs to the best of YouTube videos.

If you proceed through browsing by category, there are also popular choices from viewers. Under the Amazing Talent category, "Freediving World Record" and "Massive Dominos" both gained five stars each. As for the Believe it or Not Category, the "Biggest Waterslide in the World" also garnered five stars. Of course, the Just Plain Silly Category has its frontrunner in the video entitled "The Black Hole". All of this qualifies a spot in the best of YouTube videos.

While these videos may be popular now, more best of YouTube videos will come in the next days. If you become a member of the site, you get access to updated videos that have been uploaded through the venue. Of course, you will also get a taste of the fun videos that you are looking for. Do not waste time! Look for the online site that offers not only the best YouTube videos but the most family safe videos over the net.

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