Gloucester, November 20th 2009 - BiGDUG, one of the UK's leading providers of high quality shelving and storage solutions online, is recommending their products as the ideal way to have a garage clear-out this Christmas - and save money at the same time.

BiGDUG has a wide range of low-price budget shelving and storage racks, which will make light work of any shelving and storage needs. They range from three bay shelving units with 5 tiers each to stacking bins and work benches.

As so many budget BiGDUG products are designed for commercial use, they handle domestic loads with ease. For example, their three-tier budget shelving unit is a high quality reinforced steel construction measuring 1780 x 900 x 450 mm. Each of the adjustable shelves on this unit can take a whopping 150 kg, yet costs just £99 complete.

BiGDUG is also offering a two-tier unit with an industrial work bench for the same price. This amazing offer will make it easy to catch up with those long-neglected DIY tasks while everyone else is watching television - and it makes an excellent Christmas gift idea. BiGDUG workbenches start at just £39, yet are ten times better than the flimsy constructions seen in DIY stores - at a fraction of the price.

BiGDUG tiered shelving is compatible with their range of coloured storage boxes, which start at a modest £11 each. Again, these are designed with industrial use in mind, so unlike the retail shop version they won't "crack up" under use.

"Industrial warehouse sites use our products, so our shelves and boxes are well up to the task of shifting a bit of garage clutter," said Doug Nourse, Director of BiGDUG. "What's more, our shelf units can be assembled in minutes, with nothing more complicated than a rubber mallet - which we also sell."

This means there's absolutely no excuse for putting that clear-out off any longer.