Bikini Mama’s announces their new swimwear line, catered to the pregnant and breastfeeding Mom. After 2 years of research and development, they launched their completely adjustable maternity-to-nursing bikini and convertible tankini wrap that adapts to the ever-evolving pregnant and post-pregnant body. The nursing top gives new moms the ease and accessibility to nurse their child, discreetly poolside or at the beach. The convertible tankini offers pregnant and new moms the option to cover up or bear their tummies — wow, two swimsuits in one. The tankini wrap also serves as a skirt or a nursing cover.

Owner, Terri-Lynne, designed the swimwear after being disappointed by the selection of maternity swimwear she found while pregnant “To my great surprise and frustration, all the maternity & nursing swimwear available was unattractive, ill fitting, poorly designed and impractical. It felt as though the bathing suit industry had abandoned us pregnant and breastfeeding moms and that we were second-class! The caring, thought, respect and research simply were not there in the design of maternity swimsuits.

I decided that it was time to do something about that situation. Expectant and breastfeeding moms deserve to have a well designed bathing suit that meets the evolving needs of a pregnant woman.” Based on those needs, Bikini Mamas was born.

Some of the features you can find with Bikini Mama’s swimwear…

- Trendy maternity to nursing swimwear that adjusts to your evolving pregnant body
- Made of comfortable, quick drying and high quality material for long term wear
- Convenience of a nursing bra: strong clips can be fastened and unfastened with an easy one-hand operation, for discreet nursing
- Bikini tops are super supportive and easily accessible to nurse your baby
- Bra never bunches when re-clipped after breastfeeding
- Inner frame not only offers support but enhances cleavage
- Straps offer a wide range of adjustment to make prolonged use comfortable
- Reshapes to your post-pregnancy silhouette, and can be worn as a traditional bathing suit
- Tankini wrap converts any Bikini Mama’s bikini into a tankini; acts as a totally adjustable skirt to cover your belly or stretch marks when you might want some modesty and can also act as a skirt or nursing cover

Bikini Mama’s is an online swimwear boutique based in Studio City, CA. Founded in 2013, Bikini Mama’s designs and sells, maternity/nursing and traditional swimwear.

It’s patented nursing top and tankini wrap offers options no other maternity line can.

Terri-Lynne Anderson
Bikini Mama’s
P.O. Box 4892, Valley Village, CA 91617
P: (855) 749-6141
E: [email protected]