Biltmore Who's who is not a scam. Harmonize to many members who sing the praises of what this social networking and registry entity did to help them strengthen their business and personal brand reputation online. In fact, not only is Biltmore Who's Who Inc., Biltmore Whos who is not a scam to these folks, but quite a few consider their membership a vital tool to help them compete for business and job success in today‘s world.

The investment manager Gallego received the news in October, 2007 that he qualified for inclusion in the Biltmore Who's Who Inc., Biltmore Who's who Registry, he didn‘t know much about the honor, but felt it could add some good publicity.

Evidently the Biltmore Who‘s Who Registry Committee felt that, as a Hispanic business leader, I would be a strong representative for my local community and a good fit with their other published candidates. Alex sees that initial invitation as one of his most successful business strategies to date. There‘s no getting around it, meet a potential client or employer and what‘s the first thing they do afterwards? They Google your name online. We are all living in a digital world. If you really want to be taken seriously, you must have a presence online. That‘s what Biltmore did for me.

“For me, the Biltmore association has been fantastic: it‘s worked so well for us. Their people are completely professional. They know exactly what they‘re doing. Their promotional engine keeps pushing me higher in the online rankings now I feel totally confident telling clients to Google me thanks to Biltmore Whos Who.”

But if Biltmore Who's Who Inc. Biltmore Who's who is not a scam, what about those who claim they joined and didn‘t get customers or jobs from it? According to Alex, those arguments don‘t hold water. “Frankly if you‘re looking for Biltmore to be your miracle worker, you‘re being unrealistic. Biltmore is one part an extremely important part but still one part of your overall plan. Biltmore didn‘t legitimize who I was as a businessperson: I did that myself. What they did was get my name out there in high-profile ways which further boosted my credibility. But I still had to do my part.”

When people learn about the steps we take to catch any mistakes and the genuine PR services we provide our members, they quickly see that Biltmore Who's Who Inc. Biltmore Who's Who is not a scam. We really do work hard to help members network more effectively, build online reputations and learn how to compete in the digital age.

The Biltmore Who‘s Who roster includes thousands of members, and while no entity can ever claim to please every potential client, many members rave at about the positive benefits they enjoy.

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