We extend a warm welcome to the leading scientists, doctors, industrialists and young researchers to BIT Life Sciences‘ 1st Annual World Congress of Immunodiseases and Therapy 2010 (WCIT-2010) with the theme of “Boosting Health and Vitality”, which will take place in Beijing, China on May 15-17, 2010. The congress starts at 9:00 and finishes at 17:00. With your great contributions in the study and research on immunology, you are expected to take part in this international and compositive conference. The program track info at the bottom of the e-mail is for your reference.
WCIT is a focused conference to present and deliberate the advances in immunology, which is significant, timely and important to the health of humanity. The well selected topics cover across disciplinary breaking, from concept to therapy. It is anticipated over 500 global specialists to get together to present and share their cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date researches in an innovative and invigorating combination of presentations, symposia, discussions, panel discussion sessions and associated young scientist poster sessions along with exhibition of technology and new products. The comprehensive and intellectually stimulating scientific program of the first annual will embrace a broad spectrum of topics in basic science, medical research, diagnosis, prevention, clinical treatment and therapy of immune diseases. We believe that WCIT-2010 will definitely provide you an ideal platform for promoting ground breaking research and seeding potential collaborations for relevant parties of tailored interests not only in R & D areas but also the industrial and medical sectors.
The Initiative of WCIT-2010 will include both oral and poster presentations from academic and industrial settings. We hope to set a stage for all the medical doctors, the academicals, the clinical and the industrial researchers to make your research and innovations known with equal opportunity, means to join this event actively.
The capital city, Beijing has long been the political, cultural, scientific and diplomatic center of China. It is both a tribute to China's proud history and a gateway to China's future. Beijing Olympics brought the world a great surprise for the Olympics opening ceremony, WCIT-2010 will be held in Beijing International Convention Center (BICC) which located very near to The National Olympic Sports Center, it's a great advantage to see this amazing place. Also, May is the most pleasant season in spring, you are encourage to have lecture tour to other cities in China.
We look forward to seeing you in Beijing for a stimulating and enjoyable conference!

Below is the program track info.

Tentative Program

Symposium 1: Research Frontiers on Immune Diseases
Session 1-1: The Immunity Diseases Molecular Mechanisms
Session 1-2: Immunopathology, Etiology and Pathogenic Role of Complement
Session 1-3: Genetics of Immune and Autoimmunity Diseases
Session 1-4: Cell and Molecular Biology of Autoimmunity
Session 1-5: Tumor Immunology
Session 1-6: Innate to Acquired (Adaptive) Immunity and Diseases
Session 1-7: Toll-like Receptors and Pattern Recognition Receptors
Session 1-8: Immune Signal Transduction and Cross-talk
Session 1-9: Immune Regulations- Regulatory T Cells and T Cell Subsets
Session 1-10: Dendritic Cells, Macrophages and other Innate Immune Cells
Session 1-11: Human Immunology and Immunodeficiencies
Session 1-12: Hypersensitivity, Antigen Processing and Presentation
Session 1-13: Immunological Inflammations and Vascular Injury
Session 1-14: Neuroimmunology, Neuroendocrine Immunology and Psychoneuroimmunology
Session 1-15: Natural Killer Cells, Apoptosis & Immunity
Session 1-16: Infection and Immunity, Epidemiology of Immune Diseases
Session 1-17: Prophylaxis and Intervention
Session 1-18: Mucosal Immunology
Session 1-19: Immunochemistry & Immunobiology
Session 1-20: Immune Tolerance in Autoimmune Disease

Symposium 2: Leading Technologies in Immunology
Session 2-1: System Biology and Computational Immunology
Session 2-2: Hybridoma Technology
Session 2-3: Sensitivity and Accuracy in Imaging Immunity
Session 2-4: Immunogenomics & Immunoproteomics
Session 2-5: Biochips, Microarray Based Technology
Session 2-6: New Immune Intervention Technologies
Session 2-7: Small RNAs in Development and Immune Diseases
Session 2-8: Nucleic Acids in Innate Immunity
Session 2-9: The Stem Cells and Implications in Immune Diseases
Session 2-10: The SCID Mouse as Model of Immune Diseases

Symposium 3: Immune Disease Drug Discovery & Development
Session 3-1: Molecular Targets and Biomarkers of Immunotherapeutics
Session 3-2: Computer Aided Drug Design & Medicinal Chemistry
Session 3-3: Immunopharmacology
Session 3-4: Immunosuppression and Immunotherapy Development
Session 3-5: Cytokines, Chemokine and Cell Adhesion Molecules and Drug Discovery
Session 3-6: Gene and Cell Therapy
Session 3-7: Monoclonal Antibody and Antibody Engineering
Session 3-8: Innate Immunity and Novel Vaccines
Session 3-9: Novel Drug Delivery Systems of Immunotherapeutics
Session 3-10: Traditional Medicines for Immune and Inflammatory Diseases

Symposium 4: Medical Research and Immune Diseases
Session 4-1: Immunity and Emerging Infectious Disease
Session 4-2: Hormones and Immune Response Mediated Diseases
Session 4-3: Allergy, Asthma & Clinical Immunology
Session 4-4: Autoimmunity Mediated Diseases
Session 4-5: Lymphocyte Development and Functions in Immune Diseases
Session 4-6: Immunosenescence and Clinical Applications
Session 4-7: Immunity and Aging
Session 4-8: Reproductive Immunology
Session 4-9: Neonatal and Maternal Immunization
Session 4-10: Translational Immunology

Symposium 5: Diagnostics & Immunotherapy of Major Diseases
Session 5-1: Biomarkers for Molecular Diagnostics of Immune Diseases
Session 5-2: Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Session 5-3: Allergy, Asthma and Rheumatoid Arthritis
Session 5-4: Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Ocular Inflammation
Session 5-5: Vasculitis and Cardiovascular Diseases
Session 5-6: Lung Inflammation and Fibrosis
Session 5-7: Autoimmune Hepatitis and Chronic Liver Diseases
Session 5-8: Multiple Sclerosis, Scleroderma, Myasthenia Gravis, and Neuromuscular Diseases
Session 5-9: Systemic Lupus Erythematosus and and Other Connective Tissue Diseases
Session 5-10: Psoriasis, Allergic Skin Diseases and Immunodermatology
Session 5-11: Immunotherapy on Reemerging TB and Malaria
Session 5-12: Immunological Renal Diseases, and Organ Transplant Rejection
Session 5-13: Major Cancers- Breast Cancer
Session 5-14: Major Cancers-Head, Brain and Neck Cancers
Session 5-15: Major Cancers- Cervical and Ovarian Cancer
Session 5-16: Major Cancers- Pancreatic , Prostate, and Renal Cancer
Session 5-17: Major Cancers- Leukemia, Lymphoma & Melanoma
Session 5-18: Major Cancers- Lung Cancer
Session 5-19: Major Infectious Diseases- HIV/AIDS and Other Viral Infections
Session 5-20: Major Infectious Diseases-Resistant Bacterial Infections

Symposium 6: Benchmark Analysis and Case Studies
Session 6-1: Anticancer Drugs
Session 6-2: Anti-inflammatory Drugs
Session 6-3: Anti-allergy and Asthma Drugs
Session 6-4: Anti-Infectious Drugs
Session 6-5: Anti-Autoimmune Drugs