Blackpepper Infoservices Pvt Ltd has developed a bluetooth advertisement system where offers, discounts and mobile content are delivered over bluetooth. "Advertising to mobile phones using 'Bluetooth Marketing' methodology is one of the new ways to get ahead of your competitors. Bluetooth Marketing reduces costs and increases the return on investment compared to the usual advertising techniques," says the company.

Initially, the company has installed its pilot devices at EDM Mall (East Delhi Mall) in East Delhi. As soon as a visitor enters to the mall receives the latest offers and happenings in the mall in an instant.

"And since its a permission based opt in system we are not forcing our advertisements, offers and content onto those who dont want it. We also reward them with food coupons and gift vouchers for redeeming their coupons with the shopkeepers. We also send out health tips which in any case are helpful to anyone whether or not he is there for shopping. We have tied up with all the big retailers in the mall and are looking forward to offer much more value addition to the visitor's experience," explained the company.

With a range of 100m it is possible to scan for Bluetooth enabled mobile phones within proximity of the BlueDrizzle server and then depending on what you are trying to achieve with your campaign, send a small text voucher to bring customers to a particular shop, send audio or video to sell products or service or create brand awareness.