Brain League completes five years and is set to grow to the next level

Brain League celebrated its fifth Anniversary on 15th November, 2009. After its inception in 2004, the company has set new standards for Intellectual Property (IP) Services in India. Today, Brain League works with more than two hundred companies on different aspects of Intellectual Property such as IP generation, protection, management and commercialization.

Brain League is the first company in India to offer IP Services with a blend of technology, management and law. The company's services range from assisting companies to build IP culture and hygiene to managing a company's IP portfolio. Its team of highly qualified and experienced patent agents having strong technology background makes Brain League the most sought after company for patent services. As a result of its strong expertise in technology, management and law, Brain League is the only company in India that is offering services such as Open Source License Analysis, IP optimization, Portfolio Management, IP Management and Strategy and Technology Licensing/Commercialization. Furthermore, it is the only company in India that provides online project tracking and management facilities using its proprietary platform, 'blOne'.

The company was founded by Arun Narasani a IIT, Madras, and IIM, Bangalore, graduate and Dr. Kalyan Kankanala, a Franklin Pierce Law Center and National Law School graduate. They started at NSRCEL, IIM, Bangalore, with a three member team and have today grown to a thirty member team. As of today, Brain League has offices at Bangalore, Chennai and Pune in India and San Jose, CA, USA.

Speaking on the occasion of the Company's anniversary, Arun said, "When we started all experts said that our business model is not viable and that the effort is not worth while. After five years, we have proved them wrong by showing that the business model is not only viable but also scaleable. Today, we work with some of the leading companies in the world in various sectors. Now that the basic platform is set, we are ready to grow to the next level and start a new era in the field of IP." In the next five years, Brain League wishes to expand to all major cities in India and wishes to set up offices in Europe and China. As the company has achieved high standards in IP generation, protection and management, its primary focus areas progressing forward would be Technology commercialization and management. Speaking at the anniversary celebration, Dr. Kalyan said, "Our strength has been our team. Now that the core team is in place, we are ready to take off and expand operations. Our goal is to make our services accessible and available to as many knowledge driven companies as possible”. Brain League has a young team of highly qualified experts, who are very enthusiastic about their work and the company's prospects.

Brain League has already made a mark in the Indian IP Services scenario and is all set to further its operations and range of services. Shridhar, the marketing director of Brain League said, "Our plan is to expand and to achieve ten percent market share in the next three years". In cognizance of the ever expanding IP market and the heightening standards of services, Brain League is in the best position to move to the next level.