Ninjamat Cutting Board, the first ever self healing cutting board was recently launched to give cutting edge advantage to users who want nothing but the best in their kitchens.

Those who have a passion for cooking, and like spending time in the kitchen, understand the importance of high quality tools to make their tasks easier. People end up spending a lot of time in prepping, which means they have to rely on cutting boards to handle the task. Most regular cutting boards start showing signs of wear and tear sooner rather than later.

Ninjamat Cutting Board is a smart solution to this problem because for starters it is first of a kind, self healing cutting board. One of its major highlights is the fact that knives just won’t cut through it. That’s because this cutting board has been created using the latest patented technology and put through a stress test that showed new three layer material gives the best results.

The new composite, BPA free material used in the making of Ninjamat makes it super tough and flexible at the same time. In fact it is 70% thicker and firmer than regular mats while being flexible enough to be folded with the help of one hand. This way users can easily transfer food to pots, pans and food processors, without having to worry about making a mess.

The grooved surface of the cutting board ensures that the knives don’t slide and users can cut safely every single time. It also has an antimicrobial layer, which has been specially imported from from Fuji, Japan, and lasts for a lifetime. Cleaning the cutting board is also quite simple as users can easily put it in a dishwasher. It doesn’t warp or split, assuring users complete convenience along with long lasting benefits of the cutting board.

Some of its other features include the fact that it is non porous, reversible and doesn’t dull the knives at all.

About Ninjamat Cutting Board

It is the first ever self healing cutting board that uses a special material and latest patented technology to be tough and super flexible for all kitchen adventures.


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