Brazetek Announces Radiant Heat Exchanger for Radiant Floor Heating

( UNITED STATES, New York (February 2011) Brazetek announces radiant heat exchanger for radiant floor heating. This is a popular product from Brazetek and is being installed worldwide especially in high quality homes.

Brazetek is a leader in the area of radiant heat exchangers. Their radiant heat exchanger offers a wide variety of benefits to customers and is highly efficient. A radiant heat exchanger is used in a radiant floor heating system. This product supplies warm water to the radiant floor heating system, which in turn heats up the flooring material. These systems are used to increase the warmth of a room while reducing the amount of work a furnace does.

A radiant heat exchanger is much more efficient than a traditional forced heating furnace. These heating systems use a lot of natural gas and/or electricity. The rising costs of oil and electricity contribute to higher energy bills. This is causing many families to be concerned with the amount of times the furnace runs and therefore reduces the temperature.

A radiant heat exchanger system relieves this energy bill worry. The reason is that a radiant heating system warms the walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and many other parts of the house. Since these parts are warmed, they maintain the heat within a house much better than a traditional forced heating system. Warmer building components give off heat which reduces the need to generate more heat.

In addition to saving energy costs, a radiant heat exchanger used in a heating system offers several other benefits. One particular benefit is the noise level. Forced heat systems must turn on and can be noisy. This may disturb someone‘s sleep or conversation. Some people are quite disturbed by this noise, but radiant heating systems are much quieter.

Another benefit offered by a radiant heat exchanger system is the reduction of air movement. A forced air system forces warm air into the home or environment. This can cause a lot of disturbance of dust and other particles including allergens. A radiant heat system does not circulate dust and particles. This means the radiant heat system is much better for people with allergies or asthma as it is healthier.

Brazetek is a leader in developing highly efficient radiant heat exchangers. This company uses the latest technology to develop the top quality products. A radiant heat exchanger produced by Brazetek is an effective product to use in other radiant heat systems.


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