Brothersoft, a leading software download portal, is pleased to announce that its new Mac channel has launched providing Mac fans with safer and faster high-quality Mac software download services.

Brothersoft, closely following software trend and users‘ experience, launched a new Mac channel that featured well-known and professional design, various and popular Mac software, easier operational and special professional tools.

Mac fans will enjoy simple and quick software download experience since Brothersoft successfully launch of new Mac channel, which aims at becoming a portal for all Mac fans with excellent software and better downloading service. Soon after, Brothersoft Mac will prepare a professional design section to build an ideal Mac site.

Brothersoft launched its new Mac channel entirely from the Mac users‘ points of view. This new Mac channel collected more than 20,000 software within total 14 categories, Such as, Audio, Business, Graphic Design, Image, Video, Education, Home, Games, Internet, Dashboard, Utilities, Drivers, Development, iTunes & iPod. Moreover, more than 100 sub classifications are quite convenient and comprehensive for the real one you want.

"We are very excited to launch this new Mac channel. It‘s an important and necessary step to maintain customer loyalty and capture more potential users. Brothersoft Mac depends on ´different software, only for Mac fans‘. We released new Mac channel that is a professional, efficient and ideal Mac place for all Mac fans. "Said Chiong, chief editor of Brothersoft Mac channel," In addition, the page design on Mac Channel comes from well-known and professional designers, which takes full consideration of Mac loves needs. Regardless of you are a professional designer, Mac fan or just normal user, our new Mac Channel will guide you through for an excellent software download experience. "

To download Mac software, please visit

All in all, Brothersoft Mac Channel will provide high-quality software, featured resource, instant upgrade and appropriate Mac experience. Brothersoft will listen to users and be dedicated to user feedback.

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