Bulk SMS 4u a leading bulk sms provider in India has announced bulk sms messaging software that can send unlimited text message to anywhere in India and anyone in India. List of phone numbers can be either manually entered or imported from a text file or from mobile phone memory and after that you are able to compose and send bulk message across the world simply by connecting your mobile phone to your PC. You do not have any requirement of internet connection to send messages. You can send SMS in English as well as other languages supported by Unicode character which makes it easy for Non-English users as English users.

What is unique about this software is that you don't need any special training to operate it. All you have to do is prepare a data template that you intend to send to people in Microsoft Excel, which is usually available on every Desktop PC. After installing XL Studio 3.4, there will be an added menu in your Microsoft Excel software. Using this SMS plug-in, you may send many messages, general or personalized, to all the mobile numbers entered in your template data. It will help you send personal customized messages with unmatched convenience.

This software can change the equation of the bulk sms market in India said Mr. Sandeep chairman of the bulk sms 4u.com in inauguration ceremony. “Our aim is to provide a better bulk sms solution for the Indian marketers. Bulk sms 4u is an ever-growing company that positions itself as the leader in identifying, developing, implementing, branding and maintaining dynamic marketing, advertising and communication concepts through the utilization of SMS messaging solutions. If you want to know How to Bulk SMS or in other words How to send Bulk SMS and not just that but Send and Receive Free SMS and much more, Bulk-SMS-4u is the right place to be”

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