Herbal tea is simply fresh herb containing medicinal properties having refreshing effect on mind and body. The herbal tea is made from carefully planned and measured mixtures of botanicals

Below are some of the prominent varieties of herbal tea are:

Organic Darjeeling Tea: Organic Darjeeling Tea is well-known for flat muscatel flavor, light golden tone and unusual aroma. It is soaring tea time festivity drink particularly for English tea lovers.

Good Morning Tea with Aroma and fruity Flavor: Good morning Herbal Tea is known for rare, aroma and fruity flavor. Good Morning Tea is available in different packs to offer 500gm, 250gm and 100gm.

Black Tea: Good Morning Tea: Aroma and fruity flavor. Black Tea is available in 500gm, 250gm and 100gm.

Herbal Green Tea: Herbal Green Tea allocates its antioxidant and immuno-modulating properties to build up your body's protection and setback the normal ageing procedure in an uplifting all-natural mode.

Cough tea: Cough tea helps to cure constant cough left with a roasting cup of Himalaya Kof Tea and throat infection, energizing and relaxing the cough away. Also helps to reduce the symptoms of cold and cough.

Darjeeling Chestlet Tea: We offer top brand of Darjeeling Chestlet Tea in the market, it has mild taste, need no or little milk and sugar, aroma and flavor make Darjeeling tea really special. Darjeeling Chestlet Tea is available in 100gm and 250gm.

Digest Tea: Digest Tea Herbal Tea regulates digestive functions and helps from abdominal discomfort. Helpful to consider light and recharged after lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Himalaya Sleep Tea: Have a cup of hot Himalaya Sleep Tea and you'll be sleeping like a child. Useful to keep recharged and all set to features the day.

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