A Flower window box brings to you a unique discount offer of 20- 40% winter sale on all kind type of Wrought Iron Window Boxes. Flower window boxes provide you an affordable no rot solutions to window boxes gardening and other fabulous attractions.

Flower Window Boxes specialty in PVC window boxes and custom window flower boxes
Flower Window Boxes is proud to be introducing a new line of window boxes wrought iron. Flower Window Boxes have many styles to choose from and they are available in any length to fit your window. These handmade custom planters ship in 4-5 days ** and can be made to fit any sized window. Special lengths available!

Wrought iron window boxes can add charm to your home. Give your home a touch of Europe and increase its curb appeal with our elegant and affordable custom wrought iron planters. Window boxes aluminum is lighter than the edges of windows, wrought iron and will never rust. They are a maintenance free solution for boxes of metal windows.

Here are some discount products

Savannah Window Box - SALES start at $108.99
Daisy Window Box - SALES start at $89.99
Charleston Window Box - SALES start at $66.99
Blossom Window Box - SALES start at $79.99
Cunningham Window Box - SALES start at $79.99

Need Help?
Call customer support at 678-455-8797 or email us at [email protected] and also visit our website http://www.flowerwindowboxes.com/Aluminum-Window-Boxes.html. We sell custom PVC window flower boxes.