Somerset, United Kingdom (October 15, 2009) - A leading online retailer of quality tables, chairs, and funky bank seating, Café Reality has made its mark on the global market, having supplied its stylish café furniture to the Falkland Islands for the first time.

As a well-established supplier of classic and cutting edge furniture for the restaurant, bistro, bar, pub and café industry in the UK, Café Reality's high quality products are now being appreciated in a new contemporary café on Stanley.

Working on behalf of the Falkland Trading Company, Café Reality have furnished the new outlet on the Falkland Islands with a range of key pieces from their wide selection of furniture available on their website. The items supplied to the Falklands included stylish brown leather cubes, traditional Hants dining chairs, luxurious Elle brown leather sofas and funky, durable Arabica stainless steel café tables with tropical wenge wood Werzalit tops.

"The goods were packed for sea freight and delivered to the UK based carrier within 30 days from the order," said Paul Seddon of Café Reality. "We are delighted to be supplying our furniture ever further afield and hope to develop this part of our business further in the future."

Find out more about Café Reality and their top quality furniture at or contact them on 0182 366 3880.