Can Stankevicius MGM 5 lead the advertising market with 5 Star Advertising

Stankevicius MGM an advertising and PR company from Finland, Helsinki is taking over the advertising market with premium offers.

Stankevicius MGM provides global visibility reaching millions of specifically targeted audience for small and large companies.

Stankevicius MGM launched 5 Star Advertising in late Q4 2017 and successfully expanded operations worldwide already in early Q1 2018.

Company provides advertising services in top-tier media channels including TV advertising.

The majority of clients that Stankevicius MGM has been serving recently are international finance companies and ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) companies ran on block chain. Stankevicius MGM has led many ICO projects to successful capital raising online.

Media and PR industry is not an easy market to dominate, but Stankevicius MGM claims that company can do it by providing the most elite and exclusive media solutions.

Paulius Stankevicius, CEO and Founder of Stankevicius MGM, claims that his company is one of the few ones which can provide world’s best advertising solutions from a singular service provider.

“If a client wants to reach US, APAC, Middle East and Europe, he or she might have to go through many vendors and that can be a huge headache. At Stankevicius MGM we cover the best media channels in every continent. Whatever you need, as long as it is the best - we got it” - says Paulius Stankevicius.

To find out more about Stankevicius MGM 5 Star Advertising solutions visit Stankevicius MGM 5 Star Advertising

Company: Stankevicius MGM
Address: Mannerheimintie, Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358409665893


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