More businesses are the Toronto and Hamilton areas are looking into getting dedicated servers than ever before. One of the top companies that these businesses are using for their needs is Carat Networks. The dedicated servers from Carat are ones that come in a variety of different forms.

Carat Networks offers dedicated servers to business around the Toronto and Hamilton areas with some of the most flexible terms around. No minimum contracts are required for being able to use a dedicated server. A client with Carat will simply pay a monthly fee for the use of a dedicated server.

Annual contracts are available as well. These are offered as a means of allowing people to save more money on their monthly dedicated server costs.

In addition to this is offering one of the best customer service systems in the industry. Carat‘s customer service system is open at all times of the day for any type of concern that one has with regards to a server.

The response time that is used by Carat for new clients is also something that the company takes pride on. Carat works to activate new accounts within twenty-four hours after they have been registered. Whenever a client in the area is looking to get a service set up it will be easy for that client to be quickly registered for services from Carat Networks.

Carat Networks offers a variety of servers that can be used for whatever needs a business has. Each server that Carat offers is one that works with a bandwidth level of around 1000GB. This is so it will be easy for multiple services to be handled on a server at once.

The capacity of each server is great to see as well. A SATA hard drive is included in each dedicated server. Carat is offering servers that have hard drive sizes of 500GB or higher.

One of the top reasons as to why Carat is becoming as popular as it is comes from how it works with different types of operating systems. Dedicated servers can work with either Windows or Linux operating systems.

Carat is also offering dedicated servers with powerful processors. The company works with Intel and AMD to provide different types of processors that can be used for their servers. The servers that are offered are 2.5GHz in power or greater.

All of the dedicated servers that are handled by the company are ones that work with some of the best services that it can handle. The servers are handled through the Mountain Cable Data Centre in Hamilton. A number of different bandwidth providers are also being used. These include such popular providers as Peer 1, All Stream and Atria Networks.

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Carat Networks is an IT hosting provider that services businesses around the Toronto and Hamilton areas. Carat offers dedicated servers and virtual private servers for use. Colocation services are also available. All services work with either Windows or Linux operating systems and with no minimum contracts whatsoever.

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