Del Mar, California, August 4, 2009 -- The facilities at Casa Palmera ( offer a renowned holistic treatment approach to eating disorders that emphasizes all aspects of recovery. With access to individualized treatment, private rooms, and a large selection of treatment methods, patients are able to overcome their problems amidst a calm and tranquil natural setting.

To help individuals and their families make it through the difficult process of recovery and rehabilitation, Casa Palmera provides superior treatment specialized in the areas of addiction and behavioral health disorders. The facility's approach to recovery is unique, offering a holistic program that focuses on healing through emphasizing the language of recovery, philosophy, and psychology.

A large part of the program educates patients on how to achieve balance in life and lead a rewarding lifestyle through fitness, healthy eating, managing stress, and spirituality. At Casa Palmera the highest quality treatment is always the priority.

Casa Palmera was built to help anyone in need of addiction or eating disorder treatment. The purpose of the facility is to bring together a holistic healing program that embraces four main elements of recovery.

The Medical/Psychotherapy Core provides patients with the most up-to-date approaches to recovery created by modern medicine, while the Lifestyle Core focuses on fitness, following a healthy diet, stress management, and spiritual reflection. Essentially, the Lifestyle Core teaches patients how to live a healthy life without resorting to negative influences.

The Complementary Medicine Core is the most innovative aspect of the program, supporting recovery through acupuncture, homeopathy, yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and meditation.

The Environmental Core provides patients with 24/7 nursing care in a safe and comfortable environment. The Casa Palmera facilities are located in a beautiful natural setting in a warm, coastal community that is ideal for those in need of rehab in a serene locale.

Casa Palmera provides first-class room accommodations akin to those in famous resorts and luxury hotels. Those who obtain treatment at Casa Palmera can choose between the selection of a private room and sharing a semi-private room with another resident.

For those in need of an eating disorder residential program with a specialty in anorexia and bulimia treatment, Casa Palmera is equipped to provide the utmost care and treatment. Issues such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia and binge eating or overeating are all addressed in the program. Each eating disorder treatment program is designed for the individual resident, and developed to manage physical and emotional wounds.

For additional information on holistic treatments for eating disorders and addictions, contact Casa Palmera at 1-888-481-4481 or visit

About Casapalmera: At Casa Palmera the caring staff and pristine location surrounded by lush palm trees create the ideal setting for recovery. The residential facility covers 37,000 square feet and is designed in a beautiful Contemporary/Spanish architectural theme. In addition to providing anorexia treatment and bulimia treatment, the Casa Palmera facilities offer treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. The program's holistic treatment is complemented by a koi pond, meditation gardens, a ropes challenge course, an organic vegetable garden, and a modern fitness center.

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