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FARMINGTON HILLS, MI Nov 03, 2009 CCE, a leading engineering software and services provider, announces the immediate availability of ODX/JT CAD Libraries for reading and writing native JT format files without licensing JTOpen. CCE‘s ODX (Open Data Exchange) is a suite of CAD-independent libraries that gives users the ability to read & write native CAD files without the cost of ownership associated with the CAD system. JT is a 3D format used for product visualization, collaboration, and CAD data exchange.

ODX/JT includes support for product structure (parts & assemblies), faceted geometry (LOD‘s, Shapes…), attributes (transforms, materials…) and PMI information in JT files among others. The recent inclusion of JT expands CCE‘s already expansive list of ODX Libraries that includes ODX/Cat (CATIA V4), ODX/Cat5 (CATIA V5), ODX/Ug (NX), ODX/SW (SolidWorks), ODX/PS (Parasolid), ODX/IGES and ODX/STEP.

CCE‘s ODX Libraries are highly portable object-oriented C++ API to help create interoperable applications. They could be used for enhancing the ability of an application to support multiple CAD formats enabling a wider customer base, or simply to access CAD data and use in any custom engineering application. Applications developed using ODX are completely independent of any form of CAD software or licensing.

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