Nathan Jones a Spokesman for Cheap Conveyancing Quotes says "with so many firms now offering conveyaning services it is essential that customers understand the basic conveyancing facts, like how fees are structured. That is why we have constructed a basic, no legal jargon, guide to conveyancing.”

“If you have had an offer accepted on a property you should contact a conveyancing solicitor with the full details of this transaction as soon as possible. Your estate agent will also need the details of the conveyancing solicitors acting on your behalf. At this point your solicitor will open a file for your transaction and contact the other solicitors involved in the process.”

“Your solicitor should provide you with a full quote for the work to be completed. At this stage you should receive a client care letter which details your conveyancing quote. Your quote price should not change unless there are changes to the work or conveyancing transaction that is taking place. Your solicitor should contact you and advise of any changes before you incur any further and additional costs to your original conveyancing quote.”

“If your property transaction falls through and you no longer require a conveyancing service your solicitor may return and money you have paid. However any money you have paid for third party services like a Home Information Pack will not be refundable.”

Nathan Jones continued “Your conveyancing quotation will detail the solicitors conveyancing fee, this is the fee they charge for this service, together with the VAT charged and any land registry fees or search fees. Any purchase and remortgage must now be registered with HML Registry and fees for this service should be included in your conveyancing quote.”

“With new property purchases the house builder will most likely charge a fee for providing these legal documents to you.”

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