Having your vehicle MOT-certified each year is a requirement in the UK. But what do you do if you happen to lose your certificate and are in need of a replacement? Don't fret - the process is simple, quick and inexpensive.

Luckily you can get a cheap MOT certificate replacement that will get you back on the road in no time. You can obtain a duplicate of your certificate from the garage or the testing centre that you had your test completed at. They should be able to give you an MOT certificate after looking up all of your information in their files and then printing you out a replacement.

If your tax is due and you find that you have misplaced your certificate, you can still get your car taxes paid for before you even receive your replacement. You can now go online to renew your car tax and therefore you do not have to hand over anything in person. Your MOT records will be on file with the DVLA and will confirm that all of your MOT and insurance information is correct. You will be able to pay for your car tax and receive your tax disk in the post within a few days. This allows you plenty of time to get your cheap MOT certificate replacement from your local garage or testing centre.

There are also other ways to receive a cheap MOT certificate replacement. For some cases, the DVLA will have your MOT recorded on the online database and you may even be able to get your certificate printed out for you and handed to you in person or shipped to your home address right then.

It is hard to say which resource would be the best to use to get a cheap certificate replacement. Whether you go to your local garage or contact the DVLA directly, the most you can be charged for the new certificate is ten pounds. However, the DVLA may be able to get you your cheap MOT certificate replacement more quickly since they have deal with these requests on a day-to-day basis. In short, its best to use the method that is most convenient to you - but remember, at the time of writing, ten pounds is the maximum you can be charged. You shouldn't have to pay more.

Regardless of where you go to get your replacement, you should act quickly - especially since replacing the document is so cheap and simple. People misplace things every day and unfortunately not everything can always be replaced. Fortunately there are several ways that you can go about getting a new, cheap MOT certificate if needed so that you can drive on the roads in the UK in total confidence. Whether you go to the testing centre in person, or you decide to do everything online, you will be able to get the positive results that you are in need of when you go to search for an MOT certificate replacement.

There are several ways to get hold of a cheap mot certificate replacement if the original document has been lost. MOT test centres and the DVLA itself can provide these replacements.