Fort Lauderdale, FL ( 12pressReelase ) August 01 ,2009 Scorpion Performance, Inc., (, an American manufacturer of precision parts for high performance engines, is proud to announce that Chevy High Performance magazine chose Scorpion 1.6:1 ratio rocker arms for a hot new engine build. A complete description and many photographs of the build can be see in an online article titled ´358 Small Block Cylinder Head & Rocker Arm Upgrade - Bigger Is Better‘ at

According to author John Nelson, “Moving more air through this motor with a set of big, 235cc runner Motown 23-degree cylinder heads, teamed with a bump in cam specs via a set of Scorpion 1.6:1 rocker arms, proved to be exactly a formula our test subject liked - especially at the track.” The engine picked up 16 horsepower, more torque and ran a three-tenths better elapsed time at the track.

Visit Scorpion Racing Products website at for more information or to purchase Scorpion Performance rocker arms and a complete line of valve train products. The new Scorpion Racing Products catalog can also be viewed and downloaded on this site.


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