ChillFile has presented free file search engine, which will be a real found for hundreds of thousands of users across the globe. The resource provides a long list of files that can be downloaded to any mobile device and then used any time of the day.

ChillFile is a popular US-based online service, which hosts hundreds of files from lots of sharing websites like Bitshare, 2shared, Freakshare and what not. The service is easy and convenient to use. There is a long list of files that enjoy popularity with the users, who visit the site on a regular basis. The catalogue of files is very extensive and can be browsed any time of the day. The process of searching the right file is simple and does not require any preparation or special knowledge. There is the search filter option, which makes it possible to type in the file a user is looking for, select the type of this file and start the search.

For the searching convenience of users, it is now possible to look through the lists of the daily search trends, monthly search trends and annual search trends. This makes it possible for the users to stay aware of the most popular files that are in demand with the users these days. There is also the top 200 list of hot searches, which involves those files that are widely browsed through these days. The system is updated on a regular basis.

What makes the file search engine popular and trendy is that it is absolutely free and available 24/7. This is a nice solution, which helps save time and effort of users.

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ChillFile is a web-based platform, which offers hundreds of files for download and use. The file search engine hosts files from the most popular sharing websites, including but not limited to Freakshare, Bitshare, 2shared etc. The service is absolutely free and available any time of the day. It offers the search engine option and the catalogue of files, which are subdivided into the subcategories for more efficient and time-saving process. Users may browse through the lists of the monthly/weekly/annual search trends as well as the hot searches. This contributes to the efficacy and convenience of search.

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