Toronto, Canada GAO Instruments ( is now offering its easy-to-use and portable circuit fault tester at a reduced price of US$1,699.00. It is used by telecom operating staff, line attendants and other telecommunication technicians. The portable fault tester is able to test various line faults including wire break, shorts and defective insulation and check telephone states (on-hook or off-hook) and line with high voltage or not.
This economical circuit fault tester, model A0310006, provides rich functions such as automatic line state assessment, field calibration, line alignment and selection of cable wire size. Line alignment can be made in the case where line parameters are unknown but the line length is. The circuit fault tester works continuously for ten hours when fully charged. It detects wire breaks at a distance of up to 9km. There are three optional cable sizes for local communication lines: 0.32mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm.
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