Stockport, United Kingdom (April 09, 2010) - The collapse of Manchester claims company Cartel Client Review hit the headlines recently. Not only was its licence to operate suspended by the Department of Justice but it is likely that the company does not have sufficient assets to pay back the upfront fee charged to clients to investigate their financial mis-selling claims. Consumers seeking to challenge "unenforceable" bank loans or credit card agreements, mis-sold payment protection insurance and other financial matters are now left out of pocket to the tune of at least £495 and with little chance of a payout in respect of their claim.

A spokesperson from ClaimsSolicitors has commented upon the irony of The Ministry of Justice's advice to Cartel's clients is that one course of action open to them is to consult a no win no fee solicitor to try to pursue their case. He said "If people consulted solicitors directly instead of being tempted by advertising or telesales calls from claims companies they would not only save a substantial fee but would get a speedy and realistic assessment of whether such claims are enforceable in the Courts. Solicitors have a duty of care to their clients, are fully backed by insurance and are highly regulated by the SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority). Why consult a middleman when you can go direct to an expert? The impression that writing off credit card debts is routine is misleading and can cost vulnerable people money they can ill afford to lose. Consumers who have genuinely been mis-sold unnecessary payment protection insurance should be refunded and compensated. A reputable solicitor can provide an honest assessment of the prospects of success in any claim, will be upfront about fees and will have credibility in the eyes of the lenders."

Cartel was the third 'financial mis-selling' company to have their licence suspended by the Ministry of Justice in the course of the last six weeks, the others being Claim4Gain and Capital Returns Ltd. is the online presence of Davies and Company Solicitors of Stockport a specialist personal injury firm which has a track record of expertise in road accident claims.