Schenectady (NY): Classical Concepts, an organization dedicated to the promotion & propagation of Hindustani music, Classical and light classical, vocal and instrumental today announced that it will be sponsoring few events of the upcoming US & Canada Tour of Pandit Kaivlaya Kumar Gurav during April to July 2010. Classical Concepts, headquartered in New York, is an organization dedicated to the promotion and propagation of Hindustani music, Indian classical and light classical and vocal, Ghazals and instrumental classical music. Complete details of Pandit Kaivlaya Kumar Guravâ€â„¢s US and Canada Hindustani classical music tour are available on Classical Concepts website,

â€Å“We are proud to be associated be the upcoming US and Canada tour of Pandit Kaivalya Kumar Gurav. Our organization is committed to provide opportunities to aspirants to learn more about Indian classical music. Classical Concepts also arranges performances and lecture-demonstrations in USA. We are especially interested in developing the next generation of listeners. We welcome requests for lectures and demos on Indian Classical Music by music departments of middle schools, high schools, and colleges in the United States.”, says Nalini Madiwale, owner of Classical Concepts.

Pandit Kaivalya Kumar is a leading young exponent of the Kirana Gharana with a rich multigenerational lineage. He was trained by his father Pandit Sangmeshwar Gurav. His Grandfather Ganpatrao Gurav, studied under 2 legends: Pandit Bhaskarbua Bhakle and Ustad Abdul Karim Khan. Due to this ancestry, Kaivalya Kumar is a treasure house of unusual compositions (Bandish). Gifted with a naturally high pitched, mellifluous voice, Pandit Kaivalya Kumarâ€â„¢s rendition of Raagas are marked by natural phirat, murki, rigorous tans, infallible rhythm, imaginative content and aesthetic approach to raagas. Pt. Kaivalyakumar is the youngest Hindustani classical vocalist to get a top grade by 'All India Radio' and 'Doordarshan', a national television, at an age of 35.

Spread across more than 10 cities, the upcoming tour of Pandit Kaivlaya Kumar Gurav is a much anticipated event, of special interest to connoisseurs of Hindustani and Indian Classical music in US and Canada. The complete itinerary of the upcoming tour and concert is as below

• April 24: Concert in Ottawa
• May 8: Light Classical concert in Detroit
• May 13-19: Teaching assignment in Boston
• May 14-19: Teaching assignment in Albany
• May 22: Concert in Seattle
• June 5: Concert in Pittsburgh (S.V. Temple)
• June 6: Concert in Columbus
• June 19: Concert in Albany
• June 20: Concert in Boston
• June 26: Concert in Austin
• July 2-4: Workshop on Hindustani Classical Music in Albany
• July 9: Concert in New Jersey

The complete schedule is also available on, visitors can also contact Classical Concepts for more details on the tour and for ticket booking requests. Classical Concepts is also offering Pandit Kaivalya Kumarâ€â„¢s album Bandishein for sale online on its website.

Bandishein is a CD of rare classical compositions by Pandit Kaivalya Kumar Gurav. Bandish is the most poetic and lyrical genre of Indian Classical Music. Bandish derived from Persian, musically signifies a song set to a definite rhythm cycle (Taal). The Bandish of a raga highlights all the essential features in a song. It is learned in the preliminary phase by students. It is also performed by accomplished musicians to embellish and distill a raga in a dynamic format. In this album Bandishein..a musical bouquet, Pandit Kaivalya Kumar, Shri Ashish Sengupta & Shri Ravindra Katoti take you through a beautiful journey with mesmerizing tracks into the world of classical music. You can buy the album for Rs. 150/- only in India, US Price $15 only.

â€Å“We welcome requests for more details or ticket booking for the upcoming concert and are looking forward to exciting and enthralling sessions and concerts from one the most promising vocalist of Hindustani music.” says Nalini Madiwale. In addition to Bandishein, Classical Concepts also offers Teer-E-Neemkash, a collection of 6 classical ghazals performed by Nalini Madiwale.

Please visit to hear and purchase Indian classical music and ghazal albums and for Indian Classical Music concert artist bookings or lecture demonstration requests.