Clean Affinity is a professional cleaning service in Portland, Ore. The team prides itself on doing two things: paying their employees a fair and living wage and providing them practical skill developments to advance themselves in the world.

"When I set up this company, it was a goal not to have my employees cleaning toilets until retirement.    I want my people to learn, become better and move on to something that will help them achieve their personal dreams," said Joanna, owner of Clean Affinity.

Clean Affinity has recently partnered with a non-profit cleaning service, Cleaning For A Reason, helping those within the Portland area who are suffering from cancer and/or cancer treatment.

Joanna and her team have started a special program. Customers can nominate a special person in their lives or community that deserves to have their house cleaned top to bottom.    The team selects a winner, and the winner gets a full house cleaning service of up to seven hours at no charge.

The nominating individual is not left out either. They will also receive a free home cleaning.

Cancer, as all know, is a terrible disease and wreaks havoc on the body. The best treatment available is chemotherapy, which also does rough and terrible things to the person taking chemotherapy.    Hair loss, fatigue and other issues plague cancer patients. Very often, even the most simple and basic of daily tasks and chores become simply too much to do on a regular basis.

"It is because we care about our community that we have partnered with Cleaning For A Reason. We want those who are dealing with cancer and cancer treatments or loved ones who are helping care for them to know we have their backs. A clean home not only is better for the cancer patient health wise, but it also lifts their spirit. This is why we do what we do," continued Joanna.

"We are looking for special people with extraordinary situations for the award. If you know someone who needs a home cleaned, we want to know. All you need to do is fill out the nomination form," continued Joanna.

Learn more about Clean Affinity at the website. Visit Nominate a person on their nominations page.

Clean Affinity
Joanna Douglas, owner
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